Viewstream Elevates the MOA Genre


MOA, or Mode of Action, videos are typically straightforward, seeking to explain how a drug or medical device interacts within the human body. Viewstream is taking things a step further. 

Viewstream has elevated the MOA video genre with our latest video for Elixir Medical Corporation’s DynamX Coronary Bioadaptor. The DynamX Coronary Bioadaptor is a landmark product for Elixir, restoring blood flow to blocked blood vessels. We showcased the DynamX Coronary Bioadaptor in striking 3D animation to expose the world to Elixir’s true feat in modern medicine. 

We combined the wonders of the natural world with the marvels of modern medicine, connecting beautiful brand creative to the clinical benefits of Elixir’s bioadaptor. We featured natural and abstract imagery with technical explanations of the DynamX Bioadaptor features as part of a holistic brand upgrade and series of microsites. 

Inspired by the cover art from esteemed science journals like Nature Medicine, Viewstream blended Elixir’s brand, newly created by Viewstream, with breathtaking sights of the natural world that transform from riverbeds to blood vessels. By connecting the shared geography of Earth’s waterways and the human vascular system, Viewstream fully immerses viewers in the video creative.  

Viewstream created scientifically accurate visuals of human anatomy combined with detailed MOA animation for a realistic portrayal of the DynamX Bioadaptor in action – all while providing cinematic audio and an engaging voiceover to elevate the audience experience further. 

Creative Director Joel Yabrudy approached the project from a new angle. “Like other medical animation videos we’ve created, we had to decide where and how to take creative freedom. No technology allows us to visualize the human body in a detailed, cinematic manner, so we have to make it up and do so in the most medically accurate way possible.” 

Viewstream serves a wide variety of partners, but when it comes to pharmaceutical and healthcare brands, we take a complete history to successfully communicate medical products and services with appealing and easy-to-understand visuals that are built to engage and inform your audience. 

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