Viewstream AEC VR Demo

Traditional methods of presenting new projects, whether it is a design for a new hospital, or the construction phases of a new office building, usually involve printed images and documents, videos with 3d animated flyarounds, or physical maquettes (miniatures) of the building.

Project leaders from firms rely on these methods to present everything from designs and analysis, to scheduling and cost to their clients and investors. Even though these methods work in terms of getting the information across, the overall engagement with the content being shown will always be limited by the quality of the material and the technology being used to present it.

AEC firms are just beginning to leverage VR for not only their internal practices, but for client-facing material as well. The value that VR brings is greater engagement through immersiveness. By allowing a viewer to see content as if it was actually there, walk around it and interact with it, presentations can be brought to a whole new level.

Viewstream AEC VR Demo       Viewstream AEC VR Demo

Using the right creative, strategy, and technology can make content more engaging. What we have done with the new Viewstream AEC VR Demo, is design and build an experience around a specific product, in this case a new construction presentation. We took what is a traditional method of presenting information, and reestablished how it is presented.

In the Viewstream virtual presentation, we showcase a variety of information that is both important and essential to this type of product, and we do it a way that is engaging for the viewer. Cost and scheduling, lighting and energy analysis, general neighborhood data, as well as full views of the new construction are some of the elements we find important to this industry. By creating a realistic, immersive, virtual experience around this concept of an architectural/construction presentation, we can engage the viewer and in turn deliver greater value.

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