The web anywhere


AIR is here. The New York Times reported the release of AIR, Adobe’s software development system. Like Microsoft’s Silverlight and Google’s Gears, the system allows for web-based programming for desktops and mobile devices and smart phones. The idea is to give programmers the chance to create and customize applications across platforms, creating a more integrated environment between web and PC applications.

It means website functionality without being connected.

Both AIR and Silverlight maintain and manage high-definition video very well (AIR supports H.264, HE-AAC, and encrypted video content), giving programmers plenty of room to play with some really exciting stuff. AIR is Flash based and can also be programmed with AJAX, while Silverlight relies on the .net environment.

These systems open doors for some really great opportunities in the marketplace. AIR and Silverlight technology has been used in the development of interactive attractors to direct web traffic to a site, the performance of systems analysis, online shopping carts, multimedia file management and encryption, and others.

Adobe’s site has some case studies illustrating the potential of the system.

Viewstream is now offering AIR and Silverlight development services to enliven marketing strategies. These systems bring the web experience to devices without the use of web browsers, offering a presence with the potential of the web with twice the usability. From our perspective, there is no Silverlight VS. AIR; it is more a development choice based on your business goals, target customer and experiential requirements.

This is the new age of virals. From a market standpoint, more companies will be creating their own platform-agnostic applications, interfaces, systems, and widgets. By moving your content with web functionality to the desktop, mobile device and smartphone, viewers can access you anywhere.

Take advantage.