What Can The Wall Street Journal Do For You?


When public eyes are on you, whether at an industry trade show, on your website, or on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, are you truly putting your best foot forward? Are you speaking directly to those individual sets of eyes, or are you generalizing for the masses?

Many companies focus on PR tactics to carry the load of turning prospects to leads. But awareness is not enough to make that transition. Prospects may know who you are, but do they know what your solution can do for them?

In a B2B environment, your best foot is one-to-one customer centric marketing. Product demos, tutorials, consultative information, and case studies all work together to drive sales. More than putting information out there, product and solution-focused material speaks directly to prospects, driving demand, improving sales cycles, and ultimately increasing revenues.

While broad media attention is never bad, for the investment it often doesn’t necessarily translate into bottom line dollars. Customer-facing marketing tools, enhanced by high-level branding and positioning, directed media placement, and search engine optimization ensure your prospects get into the sales cycle.

Unfortunately, we have seen many companies spend excessively on PR without getting sales. One client made the cover of the Wall Street Journal and received one single phone call. That’s not ROI.