In SEO, Don’t Forget the Details


Most people understand the importance of SEO, the ability to find your site through search engines. As the price for paid search rises, organic optimization becomes more and more critical.

One simple tip that we found on Web Designer Wall is good to remember as it impacts the copy and messaging phase of website development.

Yes, it is important to place keywords throughout the site. If you are in the virtualization space, for example, you might want to mention data processing, networking, enterprise computing, etc. in your text. But don’t forget you can also place keywords in your design!

So, for example, your site has navigation buttons to direct viewers to further information. The key is to say more than “Click Here” in the link anchor text. Try “Learn More About Desktop Virtualization.”

Finally, don’t forget to use html copy for everything, including website buttons with simple code to make spiders find the copy.