Choosing the right social media tools for your marketing needs


With all the hype today about social media and conversational marketing, companies need to keep in mind marketing basics about who your customer is and how you reach them before quickly engaging a social media strategy. Blogs may not be right for every company — and conversational marketing just might not be perfect for your customers. So before you jump onto the social media bandwagon, take a close look at your business model, your current customers, how your customers engage and your growth objectives. With that said, the list of social media marketing tools is growing, and companies like Viewstream are certainly benefiting with the growing interest in our solutions. Viewstream is particularly strong on the digital media side, including screencasts, social media videos, community videos, podcasts, HD videos, embeddable web videos, and product demonstration overviews. Beyond content marketing videos, digital video content that considers the landscape of your solution, and positions your company within this landscape, can be more powerful then a sales video. At the end of the day, social media is about building a stronger relationship with your customers, and more easily attract new ones. But like any marketing strategy, it needs to conform to how you do your business. Just a reminder – before you jump on the bandwagon!