Facebook Turns Off Whopper Campaign


Viewstream’s favorite advertising agency (Crispin Porter) recently launched a brilliant campaign for Burger King — offering a free Whopper to any Facebook user who removed 10 friends. (Tagline: “You like your friends. But you love the Whopper.”)

The marketing campaign, dubbed the “Whopper sacrifice”, prompts users to download an application to their Facebook profile. The user then chooses ten friends to eliminate from their “friends” category, and is then rewarded with a coupon for a free burger. Then the Whopper application proudly boasts: “You have been sacrificed for a free Whopper.”

While most Facebook applications emphasise relationships between friends, the Burger King application is among the first to promote division as a marketing tool. Over 221,831 Facebook profiles de-friended for a coupon before being shut down.

Whopper Campaign

Well, Facebook didn’t like this campaign so they turned off the app — somehow it violated their privacy policy (yah!).

Congratulations to Crispin Porter on a brilliant campaign — it is unique, funny, and gets attention.

Check out the site here.

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