Viewstream partners with Microsoft


Viewstream has just become an official Microsoft Silverlight Partner. This relationship gives us direct access to the latest innovations from Microsoft’s cross-platform, cross-browser media delivery and rich interactive application tool. We want to offer our clients the right solution for the job, which means being well-versed in all digital media and interactive technologies. Silverlight has a way to go in terms of adoption, but is a very powerful backbone for database integration and has some incredible features (image zooms, for example).

In a matter only too fitting, our relationship with Silverlight will kick off in one week, with the launch of a Silverlight/.NET-based virtual event for Microsoft. (More on that later.)

Flash isn’t going anywhere, and we will continue to use it for all it’s worth. But by partnering with Microsoft to offer Silverlight and .NET development, we are prepared to take on the increasingly diverse needs of our clients. Check out more information here.