Webinar on Content Marketing


I will be doing a webinar on Thursday, May 28, 2009, at 10:00AM Pacific, on Content Marketing. The webinar will focus on companies that need a persistent content marketing strategy Рand how to create engaging content to bring that strategy to life.

I will present the seven ways to use content marketing in your marketing & sales strategy, including:

Way #1: Make Your Content Informative, Consultative and Engaging

Way #2: Make Your Content Portable with Social Media

Way #3: Leverage Your Content Throughout Your Channel/Partner Ecosystem

Way #4: Create Thought Leadership in Your Industry

Way #5: Develop Tracking/Metrics That Listen

Way #6: Create a Long Term Strategy (not just a campaign)

Way #7: Crowdsource: Using customer content

Please attend – I will present for thirty minutes and have some time for Q/A.

See you online!