Does Your Agency Align With Your Business?


Businesses today struggle with how to deliver marketing that gets results in a changing market landscape. To begin to solve this challenge, we must ask, “How is the customer landscape changing?” The most evident answer is found within the vast proliferation of channels available to marketers.

In the last ten years, different kinds of marketing channels have waxed and waned in effectiveness and prominence—from search, to social, to mobile marketing. New conversations and opportunities connected to these channels are continuously developing, adding to an already large base. With this immense expansion, precise targeting of niche market segments, more than ever, is now possible.

Demand generation, content development, direct-mail management, CRM, marketing automation, and tracking and analytics can all be crucial components of a well-targeted marketing campaign. These are all unique and valuable channels that can generate results—but being successful is not about just knowing the channels, it is about knowing your customer. The crucial need to know your customer is a key attribute that many marketing agencies cannot deliver. The media may change, but the expertise and market knowledge required to reach your customer remains.

Does your agency have the necessary experience and expertise to know your customers? Many agencies can do creative and production (though not every), but only a few can really connect with and understand your business and your customer.

Viewstream is the leading national marketing agency focused exclusively on serving technology companies that deliver complex solutions for technical computing, life sciences and design engineering. We are experts in translating complex computer industry products and developing positioning and messaging into digestible marketing content with effective education and calls-to-action.

Viewstream’s domain expertise in technology market segments help your organization fill any gaps in skill, while keeping overhead costs low, to produce content that is pinpointed to the buyers and users of your product offering.

To aid your understanding of the proliferation of marketing channels and how it has changed B2B marketing, Viewstream has created, “Viewstream Viewpoints,” an on-going series of free, consultative papers designed to address issues in technology marketing from the perspective of a technology-focused digital marketing agency. Inside these free guides you’ll find strategic advice, market research, best practices, and real-world examples of marketing that can address your challenges.

Check out the Viewstream Viewpoints here:

Understanding The Cloud On The Horizon
Over the past few years, Cloud Computing has evolved into a major game changer in IT. Its power to offload hardware, software, and system management needs has forced a revision of the enterprise, as new business and work models are constructed to best take advantage of new technologies. In this Viewpoint, learn how Cloud Computing is changing the IT and business landscapes, and what that means for those marketing its offerings.

Content Mapping Framework
Content is a critical component to any marketing strategy. But bad or misdirected content can quickly derail prospects as they move through the sales cycle. The Viewstream Content Mapping Framework (CMF) shows you how to provide good, appropriately targeted content that gets results. With in-depth information on how CMF works, this Viewpoint will help you make sure your content is king!

Customer Evidence Rules
Prospects at every stage of the sales cycle are looking for tangible examples of your solution in action, and peer validation of its effectiveness. That is why Customer Evidence is such a dynamic, powerful tool for marketers looking to raise awareness, retain prospects, and shorten time to sale. In this Viewpoint, you will learn the ins and outs of making Customer Evidence a key component to your content marketing strategy.