WordPress Website Development & Consulting Services


Viewstream has been listed on Automattic’s WordPress consultant directory for the last two years. The directory, appropriately named “Code Poet”, means we partner with Automattic to provide WordPress consulting and development services  for companies that understand the power and elegance of WordPress as a development platform.  The directory lists company names in alphabetic order, which means Viewstream is on the bottom of the list :<. Time to change our name to 123-Vieswtream and get to the top of the list :> Given how many names are on the list, we get a small amount of traffic each month, and some inquires.

Viewstream is unique in the WordPress website development, design and consulting world as we have pushed the limits of using WordPress as a Web Content Framework or Content Management System. For example, partnered  with Ryder Communications (one of the most talented creative agencies) we created a couple of amazing sites for Honeywell, Inc. that if you look at the sites, you wouldn’t even know it was a WordPress engine in the backend. We have also done a large number of corporate blogs – I like this one for ITDatabase not only because the skin works very well with the brand, but also because Travis Van and the ITDatabase team creates amazing, interesting content. At the end of the day, interesting content is what it is all about. And that is another Viewstream differentiator that I am very proud off: we can develop the technology AND develop the content. Those are two very different skills, and it is not easy to do both well. I think we do! And I think our clients would agree!

Check out our WordPress landing page here with samples referenced above.