Mobile Content


With the increased popularity of smartphones and tablets, technology marketers need to deliver their content beyond the web and onto mobile platforms. Market shares of users on mobile devices vary widely among market segment, so it is important to avoid developing for mobile for mobile’s sake. As a marketer, focus on developing mobile content for audience segments that align to your products and services. And don’t forget to leverage your current offerings and content appropriate for mobile platforms.

Viewstream’s mobile services leverages digital marketing content across mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Droid, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and more. Leveraging our expertise in creating content and bringing it together with our strong development capabilities enables us to continue our tradition of expert professional services for technology marketing. Mobile will continue to grow, and Viewstream is building the next generation apps and content as we move forward through another amazing stage of computing.

One recent example of our work was an Autodesk screencast, “Autodesk Design Suite Premium” developed for the Apple iPad device. If you have an iPad, click here and load the iPad version to see how well these assets deliver using mobile technology. Or, if you are on a desktop, click here to see the desktop PC version.

If you are interested in formatting interactive and rich media assets for mobile, or have an idea for an app you would like to have developed, give us a call. We’d be happy to help!