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Viewstream VP of Strategy & Business Development Joshua Shane recently published a piece on titled “Giving Value to ‘The Cloud,’” where he outlines the reasons why Cloud technology providers should be focusing on the value of their offerings, and avoid using mushy buzz words that aren’t meaningful.

There’s certainly been a lot of buzz over the past few years about “The Cloud”. Businesses, customers, and journalists in the tech industry have been talking about the technology of “The Cloud” so much that its value as a term has been diluted. With so many splintered definitions of “The Cloud” out there, technology pros are losing sight of the actual value the technology can bring. In his article, Shane calls for a re-visioning of the conversations around “The Cloud,” arguing that as an idea, it has been over-hyped and diluted. Cloud Computing, as a term, has lost its hype value and in several areas risks moving to the “troughs of disillusionment.” He also points to several companies that are correctly framing the conversation around the value the technology brings.

Shane’s commentary is a new and fresh look at how we engage in conversations around the technology. We’d love to hear what you think!