Project Spotlight – January 2022



The World is Changing

ISG needed a sizzle video to show how they help clients on their digital transformation. Viewstream created a contemporary motion beauty, with clean motion creative, challenger statements, and an audio cameo from the CEO. Watch Video

“As the leading Digital Transformation company, ISG means forward thinking innovation and value. My creative approach was to communicate elegant exuberance with a restrained, contemporary style.”

Joel Yabrudy
Motion Creative Director


A Bright Future

A Bright Future

As the global leader in advising, designing, and engineering high-efficiency air pollution control solutions for all industries, AZZURO asked Viewstream to develop an all-new website for them that would highlight their vast array of products and solutions. One of the main goals was to incorporate and transform the amazing 3D models of their products into an interactive web experience. Visit Website

“The Azzuro website was a joy to work on. We set out with the goal of creating a site that would effectively tell the Azzuro story and also delight end-users with a high degree of interactivity. I believe we smashed these goals out of the park. As a developer, I enjoyed creating systems that gave our client the freedom to change and adapt the content to fit their needs, while maintaining our UX designers’ creative vision.”

Frank Collins
Web Developer


Building the Future of Batteries

Building the Future of Batteries

Viewstream was approached by Sion Power to help tell their story and bring a game-changing product to market. Sion Power produces state-of-the-art energy storage systems that advance the future needs of electric vehicle and aerospace markets. Licerion, a lithium metal battery technology, is the result of decades of research and development and provides the highest combination of specific energy, energy density, cycle life, and safety. Viewstream worked closely with Sion Power scientists and subject matter experts to gain insights on this complex technology and simplify it for their sophisticated audience. The result was an engaging overview video that will help investors and potential customers understand the value of this future-forward technology. Watch Video

“We have a mantra at Viewstream, “Put great things into the world” and we do that through story and creative. When working with a client like Sion Power, there is an immediate synergy. They are moving the world forward through research and technological advancements and we are helping them get that story out into the world.”

Don Sparks
VP of Accounts


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