Project Spotlight – June 2022



Zero Trust Enterprise

Palo Alto Networks, the global leader in cybersecurity, is leading the charge once again as the industry pivots to Zero Trust methodologies. Specifically they have been developing a framework known as the Zero Trust Enterprise. Palo Alto Networks partnered with Viewstream on a series of videos to distill the overall philosophy behind Zero Trust into easily consumable content. In addition to educating viewers on the basics of this strategic methodology, the goal was to imbue the content with the position of “Zero Trust with Zero Nonsense”; that simplifying security shouldn’t be complicated. Watch Video

“Viewstream boasts a pretty hardcore track record of communicating high-tech concepts for mass consumption. The video team, from writers to editors, always take their subject matter education seriously, and it shows. If we want to put out high quality media that communicates complexity simply, there is no other way. Our approach served wonderfully for the Zero Trust video series. Some side effects did occur however…no team member who worked on this project whines about the burdens of 2FA anymore.”

Jeff Carter
Account Manager


kvCORE for Agents

kvCORE is the only real estate platform that empowers every type of real estate agent to manage and grow their business, all from one central place. Parent company, Inside Real Estate, tapped Viewstream to produce a series of exciting explainer videos including kvCORE for Agents. Through a blend of high-energy kinetic typography, top-quality stock media, and gorgeous screen-recorded platform UI, an educational and impactful video was created. Watch Video

“Seeing the growth of Inside Real Estate and the kvCORE product over the years has been thrilling. It’s a treat to leverage our compounded subject matter expertise to craft sharp and effective video assets. Having such history with a brand really expedites the production process and empowers a whole new depth of agency/client collaboration.”

Aiden Fishbein 
VP of Accounts


Taking the Pain Out of Salesforce Updates

Viewstream worked with the Update It team to put their new grid view management product out into the world, including logo, messaging, video, and website. The challenge was to make something as mundane seeming as a Salesforce productivity app stand out from their competition by being anything *but* mundane. See Website

“Update It was a dream client because we were perfectly aligned from the start. Our goal was to create a brand and visual identity that was clever and quirky, but that also communicated the very real outcome of helping people save time by eliminating tedious busy work and allowing teams to see, manage, and update records quickly without sacrificing accuracy.

Maureen Cole 
VP of Accounts


Viewstream Does SEO/SEM

Viewstream launches SEO/SEM, extending Brand to Demand to this critical arena. With Viewstream SEO/SEM you will receive award winning service, strategy and execution from a trusted team. Our clients find that investment in SEO/SEM generates more traffic and, more importantly, measurable ROI from organic search. We don’t just help you to rank higher, we earn SQLs, pipeline, and customers.

Please reach out to Andrew Assalian ( to schedule an introduction call.

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