Project Spotlight – July 2022



A New Approach for Government Contractors

Unanet, a leader in project management solutions, partnered with Viewstream to produce a landing page and series of creative assets that best showcase their latest solution. CRM for GovCon is a growth platform that helps GovCon businesses better manage projects and proposals through greater insights. By designing a new supporting visual identity that highlights the people-power of contractors working in government, Unanet leveraged a dynamic video and display ads to promote their new landing page, all crafted by Viewstream. See Website

“The CRM for GovCon campaign offered a unique opportunity for the Viewstream team to reinterpret Unanet’s existing branding and introduce original design elements that highlight the human side of their tech solution. This approach allowed us to tell a compelling story across a variety of assets for an impactful delivery.”

Sandra Pulido
Sr. Account Executive


Veracode Platform Vision Video

Veracode embeds security right into the design process and offers an always-on cloud-native monitoring platform for DevSecOps professionals. Viewstream designed a platform overview marketecture graphic and animated it to tell the story about Veracode’s Continuous Software Security Platform. The video creative blends together high-quality platform screengrabs with kinetic type-on-screen. The centerpiece is a bespoke marketecture platform graphic paired with abstract, tech-inspired imagery and a confident VoiceOver. Watch Video

“Veracode envisions a world where software security is intrinsic and always-on from the jump. Viewstream took to the creative challenge to evolve the look and feel of the brand with motion-creative and animated platform marketecture graphic. The brisk pace of the video along with dynamic use of typography and actual platform footage all combine to reflect the seamless, continuous nature of the Veracode platform.”

Andrew Assalian 
Senior Vice-President of Accounts


Delivering Digital Talent

Viewstream has been proud to partner with Microsoft, the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), and NetCom Learning to create Digital Transformation Ready (DTR), a collection of complementary trainings on Microsoft Business Applications, such as Dynamics 365 and PowerApps. In addition, DTR gives job seekers a chance to get their resumes in front of hiring managers at Microsoft Partner companies. See Website.

“The DTR campaign aligns perfectly with our dedication to provide value-based marketing and creative strategy. This campaign is exciting because it’s also helped thousands of people obtain skills that are in high demand. Job seekers are using DTR to take giant leaps toward their first professional position and to discover new, rewarding career paths.”

Matt Mullen 
VP of Accounts


Viewstream Does SEO/SEM

Viewstream launches SEO/SEM, extending Brand to Demand to this critical arena. With Viewstream SEO/SEM you will receive award-winning service, strategy, and execution from a trusted team. Our clients find that investment in SEO/SEM generates more traffic and, more importantly, measurable ROI from organic search. We don’t just help you to rank higher, we earn SQLs, pipelines, and customers.

Please reach out to Andrew Assalian ( to schedule an introduction call.

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