Award winning B2B explainer videos all have these 6 things in common


Creating award winning B2B videos is an art and science. As a highly-awarded agency that has been producing video for over twenty years, Viewstream is committed to pushing the creative envelope on every project.

If you want your next B2B explainer video to get attention and obtain measurable results, do these things before you start production:

First define your strategic focus

In discovery, define the goals and target market for the video. Always refer back to this original strategy document when the time comes to make key creative decisions as your video is being built.

S.L.A.P. – Speak like a person

Videos speak with their audience as peers and as plainly as possible. No one wants a lecture; allow people to be a part of your conversation.

Quickly get to the point

Attention spans are measured in seconds. Have a strong opening thesis and get to your supporting points within the first six to ten seconds of the video. Don’t over index on acknowledging pain points.

Start with a strong story

We love consuming stories but without tension there is no story. Without a hero there’s no reason to stay tuned. Story patterns help create anticipation and engagement for your audience.

Show, don’t tell

The visuals can do a lot of the heavy lifting to tell your story. Allow visuals room to tell their part of the story to avoid a verbose script.

Promote actions

Good videos don’t just describe what they’re going to do, they persuade their audience to action. A persuasive marketing video will make an emotional connection with the viewer and conclude with a strong call to action.