Project Spotlight – November 2022



Cancer Research Institute Manifesto Video

As part of launching a new brand positioning and identity for Cancer Research Institute (CRI), Viewstream created a manifesto video to communicate the organization’s aspiration and bold vision for the future. Viewstream developed the video to engage stakeholders on an emotional level and inspire them to action. At the same time, the video communicated new brand direction of CRI—helping people fundamentally understand the unique value of the organization and its relevancy to a future immune to cancer. The Viewstream team crafted a memorable and moving piece of creative work that painted a picture of a world transformed through establishing immunotherapy as the fourth pillar in treating cancer. With both visuals and script, the video captured the essence of the organization’s leadership in advancing immunotherapy research to bring curative solutions to cancer patients on a global scale. The video serves as a keystone piece of the new website and various other channels. Watch Video and learn more about the New Website.

“A manifesto or anthem video for any organization, especially one at the cusp of presenting an entirely new brand story to the world, requires the right combination of art and science. You must tell a story about what you offer in a creative way that compels people to act. At Viewstream, we were extremely proud to help advance the story for CRI and engage more people with immunology in the fight against cancer.”

John Assalian


Deloitte Digital & Adobe Omnichannel Customer Journey Campaign

Viewstream partnered with Deloitte Digital and Adobe to develop a comprehensive lead gen campaign focused on providing strategies to help organizations improve overall customer experience and conversion in healthcare & life sciences across the entire omnichannel journey. Consumers across the board now expect personalized experiences, and the healthcare industry is no exception.

The first step was to work the Adobe and Deloitte teams to understand their audience and the nuances that they face within the healthcare & life sciences industries. With that understanding, we crafted the positioning and a narrative that spoke to the very real challenges faced by both current and prospective customers. The campaign included a webinar, video, and a paid media plan, resulting in over 550 registered attendees and significant awareness for the joint solution. View Website

“At Viewstream, we’re relentless about our approach to understanding the why, what, and how of every project we undertake. We start at the very beginning with a robust discovery phase, working through audience personas and figuring out what drives them to make decisions. This strong foundation allows us to craft a relevant narrative and carry that consistent storytelling through all marketing assets and initiatives for maximum engagement.”

Maureen Cole 
VP of Accounts


Viewstream Does SEO/SEM

Viewstream launches SEO/SEM, extending Brand to Demand to this critical arena. With Viewstream SEO/SEM you will receive award winning service, strategy and execution from a trusted team. Our clients find that investment in SEO/SEM generates more traffic and, more importantly, measurable ROI from organic search. We don’t just help you to rank higher, we earn SQLs, pipeline, and customers.

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