Brewing Success: The Cisco Meraki ABM Campaign

Cisco Meraki ABM Campaign

Embark on a tailored adventure through our exclusive Hybrid Work ABM campaign for Cisco, Cisco Meraki, and Presidio aimed at their top-tier clients. The campaign marries the theme of Hybrid Work (working from home, office, or remote location) with the global workforce’s general love of coffee. Delve into a realm of personalized landing pages, stimulating content, and engaging virtual events while celebrating a shared love of coffee.

The campaign will last one year, concluding in December 2023, and each strategic account has opted into a coffee of the month club offered by the Cisco, Cisco Meraki, and Presidio partnership. Every month a different coffee and coffee-related swag item (such as a French press, a cold-brew system, an Ember mug, etc.) is sent out to the primary targets for each account. 

The box includes a postcard with a unique QR code that takes the target to their respective personalized landing page. Each month the landing page is updated with new content for that month. 

As the driving force behind this immersive campaign, Viewstream worked hand in hand with Cisco, Cisco Meraki, and Presidio to create an engaging and interactive experience showcasing the partnership’s transformative potential. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of the Hybrid Work ABM Campaign, where imagination and technology come together.

Unveiling Cisco Meraki’s Vision

Cisco Meraki has long been synonymous with cutting-edge networking solutions that bridge the gap between IT infrastructure, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the physical environment. Their mission is to enable businesses to unleash their full potential by leveraging advanced technology in unprecedented ways. 

With a focus on cloud-managed products like wireless access points, switches, security appliances, and mobile device management, Cisco Meraki empowers organizations to streamline their networks and elevate their operations to new heights.

Viewstream’s Role in Crafting the Campaign 

As a strategic and creative partner, Viewstream was entrusted with bringing Cisco Meraki’s vision to life through a one-of-a-kind ABM campaign. Working alongside Cisco and Presidio, Viewstream created an engaging and youthful campaign that told the story of how Cisco Meraki’s revolutionary cloud-first solutions and Presidio’s services are boosting productivity and security by embracing the future of hybrid work. 

An Immersive Landing Page Experience

Central to the success of the Cisco Meraki ABM Campaign was the personalized landing page designed for each target account. With creativity and technical expertise, Viewstream collaborated with Cisco and Presidio to develop an ever-evolving landing page that is updated with fresh content every month. Harnessing the power of QR codes, the postcard included in the coffee package led targets to their exclusive landing page, where they discovered new insights, articles, and interactive content tailored to their specific interests.

The Perfect Blend of Content and Engagement

The month of May was pivotal for the campaign, where the landing page took a unique turn. The Cisco Meraki ABM Campaign went beyond offering delightful coffee packages and engaging landing pages. In lieu of traditional content pieces, targets were invited to an unforgettable virtual event – an immersive experience that mirrored Cisco Meraki’s vision for innovation that included a barista demonstrating how to use the French press and other coffee-related tips. The landing page allowed participants to rate their coffee each month.

A key component of the campaign was the ability to reveal valuable insights, encourage active participation, and get feedback from the target audience. This interactive feature not only enhanced the bond between Cisco Meraki and its strategic accounts but also highlighted the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and customer-centricity.


As of July, the Hybrid Work ABM campaign has generated 190 pipeline opportunities for the partnership worth an estimated $8.5M, of which 29 opportunities have closed. The client is thrilled with the success and is submitting the campaign to Cisco’s Marketing Velocity Innovator Awards. The winners receive recognition at Cisco’s Partner Summit.

Beyond December 2023: Where Imagination Meets Transformation

The Cisco Meraki ABM Campaign is not just a year-long endeavor; it is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative marketing. As Viewstream continues to partner with Cisco Meraki, this campaign lays the groundwork for even more immersive and personalized experiences. As the campaign continues to delight and inspire strategic accounts, the story of Cisco Meraki’s success will undoubtedly shape the future of B2B marketing. 

Visit the Hybrid Work ABM Campaign and indulge in a year-long adventure that fuels innovation and networking excellence.

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