Project Spotlight – May 2021



Lexus Collision Assistance

Lexus wanted an ultra-modern video to show off the collision assistance feature in its new app. Viewstream created a semi-futuristic 3D environment and made a complete 3D model of a Lexus vehicle to show viewers how the collision assistance feature works.

“The middle section of this video features an interactive sequence where the phone user is performing a number of tasks in the workflow. To make this human-phone interaction sequence look true to life, Viewstream filmed a hand model in our production studio to make sure we get each swipe, each tap, and each gesture. In post-production, we accurately sync the hand movements to the pre-recorded app workflow.”

Andrew Assalian
SVP Accounts

WEBSITE Launch Package

Prosimo has come up with a radical new way to empower a true multi-cloud infrastructure strategy that allows users to deliver apps that are fast, secure and cost-optimized. As part of the full launch package production, and in addition to being tapped to design and develop the website , Viewstream was tasked with distilling their technical offering into infographics that could transmit their value proposition cleanly, quickly, and beautifully.

Deliverables: Infographic strategy and design, diagram design, presentation deck design, eBook design, website information architecture, design and development, video and motion graphic production, interactive infographic design and development, interactive assessment design and development, banner ad design.

“It’s always a thrill to work with early-stage technology companies, but the Prosimo launch was particularly engaging. Conceiving of visuals and interactive experiences that communicate complex concepts such as “Application Experience Infrastructure”, was certainly a challenge, but we are incredibly proud of the end result. This project touched almost everyone at Viewstream at one stage or another. It was a full team affair and is a great example of the wide production skillset we offer.”

Aiden Fishbein
Account Director

Best regards,
The Team @ Viewstream