Project Spotlight – June 2021



Emerge – Agent Sizzle Video

Emerge is reinventing freight procurement. Their Digital Freight Marketplace provides access to benchmarked rates and thousands of trusted partners to maximize cost savings. A key user persona for this marketplace is the Freight Agent. Viewstream was selected to produce a high-energy sizzle video showcasing the innovation of this technology and the unfair advantage it provides to the Agents that use the platform.

“We do a lot of explainer videos for tech companies here at Viewstream, but every once in a while we get our hands on a truly exciting innovation. Emerge is doing some really disruptive stuff in an industry full of stale solutions. Putting together this aggressive, energetic piece was a real treat. The in-house marketing team was a joy to collaborate with and bounce ideas off, and the end result was something we were all proud of.”

Aiden Fishbein
Account Director


Cortex® Xpanse™ – Asset Rebranding


White Papers, Case Studies, PowerPoint Presentations, Datasheets, Landing Pages, Email Templates, Infographics, Video Titles, Video Lower 3rds, Banner Ad Design

With Palo Alto Network’s December 2020 acquisition of Expanse Inc. (a leader in attack surface management), the Expanse brand was primed and ready for a fresh make-over. With an in-house agency overseeing the transition to a new brand name (Cortex® Xpanse™), logo creation, and template development, the Viewstream team was tapped with a massive digital asset creation and rebranding initiative, including the development of over (30+) brand resources including White Papers, Case Studies, Datasheets and more to support and promote the all-new Cortex Xpanse product offering.

“The security industry is fast-paced and extremely demanding of marketers — not all agencies can keep up. The Viewstream team is always ready and produces exceptional quality work. They fit in perfectly with our work processes and are a natural part of our team.”

Alex Yakubov | Director, Demand Generation, Cortex

“The 90-day rebranding initiative was an all-hands-on-deck project that tested Viewstream’s talented resource capacity, and we were able to meet the challenge head-on. In the end, the Viewstream team was able to successfully deliver 100% of the Cortex Xpanse assets on time and on budget. It was truly a huge win for everyone involved.”

Jeff Carter
Account Manager


Viewstream does Remote Video Production

How do you produce a documentary in the age of COVID-19? Using the Viewstream Virtual Studio, of course! The pandemic has made video production, from Hollywood features to corporate video content, difficult to produce.

While we haven’t found a solution (yet) for contactless blockbusters, you CAN keep the conversation about your product alive, with the Viewstream Virtual Studio.

Best regards,
The Team @ Viewstream