Project Spotlight – October 2021



University of Missouri Video

This project was developed by the University of Missouri – Kansas City, funded by and produced for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The video series was created to bring attention to the goal of eradicating the HIV epidemic, especially in the hardest-hit communities. This series was created in both English and Spanish to make it more accessible to as many people as possible. Bright colors and a fun animation style approach were used in hopes of holding viewers’ attention on a very data-driven subject matter.

“I was excited to be a part of this series that aims to spread important, life-saving information. The biggest challenge in a series like this is making it entertaining, yet still easy to follow. It was a fulfilling project to be involved with, for sure!”

Kim White
Motion Designer & Video Editor


Bring Out the Cool

Lumber. Software for HR. Insurance brokerages. Cleaning supplies. Drilling solutions. On the surface, these are decidedly unsexy products. But underneath, they solve real customer pain points and needs. Someone cares deeply about some aspect of all products. The question is: How do you bring out the cool? Read on to discover how to bring out the “sexy” in your products. Read More

John Assalian
Founder + CEO


I am an Autodesker

Creating engaging and authentic video content doesn’t always require a big budget. Autodesk had an urgent need to tell their “Autodesker” story for a quickly approaching Brand launch. Utilizing self-recorded testimonials captured via Zoom, Viewstream quickly established a creative approach and edited together an authentic video using the words of Autodesk employees and families. View Video

“This video project was especially fun. I loved seeing so many happy people who are proud to be a part of something. I’ve been working directly with Autodesk for over 14 years so I feel like I’m an Autodesker too.”

Adam Zacek
VP of Accounts


A Winning Roadmap

Unanet tapped Viewstream for a broad-reaching creative campaign to promote their highly coveted 2021 GAUGE Report. Commonly referred to as “the best resource available for benchmarking a firm’s metrics against the GovCon industry” Viewstream designed a high-impact Landing Page, Email template as well as Display/Social Ads to inspire interest and encourage downloads of Unanet’s government contracting report. Safe to say, this campaign had the roadmap to success. View Landing Page

“Unanet’s annual GAUGE Report is such a key resource for the GovCon industry, so I took great pleasure in helping manage and guide this highly-focused and targeted campaign. As a result, we were able to reach a responsive audience excited to access the report and apply its relevant content to their business – thus making a positive impact on their bottom line for years to come.”

Jeff Carter
Account Manager


Viewstream does “Brand to Demand”

Delivering the full creative strategy arc, from brand conception to demand generation. We produce award winning creative to tell your story, deploy disruptive digital media strategies, and win in the marketplace. This is ‘brand to demand’.

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