Project Spotlight – October 2022



The New Look of CRI

Creating a world immune to cancer takes big thinking, and smart partnerships. That’s why New York City based Cancer Research Institute (CRI) tapped Viewstream to develop an all-new website to enhance brand awareness and highlight their new brand positioning, strategic messaging, visual design, identity, and manifesto video – to name a few. The website puts a spotlight on the new positioning “For a World Immune to Cancer” and encourages visitors to dig deeper into the CRI brand experience, learn more on the impact their organization is having on the fight against cancer, and join them in helping to fund immunotherapy research and trials that offer the greatest hope for a world immune to cancer. View Website

“In order to design, develop and launch a website of this size, it required a village. The incredible reach of Viewstream’s talented team is truly impressive. Our Brand to Demand team shined bright as graphic designers, website designers, developers, copywriters, video editors, animators, photographers, and live production teams all came together to create a website and brand experience that will help propel CRI into the next wave of cancer research and scientific discovery. What a great feeling to be part of such an amazing project.”

Jeff Carter 
Account Manager


Adobe Experience Manager Guides

Viewstream was approached by Adobe to help create an explainer video around a new product for technical writers called, Adobe Experience Manager Guides. While companies are going through Digital Transformation to redefine internal workflows and processes and create 1:1 customer experiences, one area that has been left behind is technical product documentation and support content. This content is still typically delivered via static PDF’s and webpages which provide a very limited experience for the customer.

The Viewstream team crafted an engaging story that simplified the complexities of this product. We communicated how the product is solving industry challenges, providing improved customer experiences, and ultimately driving retention and loyalty. The client was thrilled with the final video, and we are now localizing the video in three languages, German, French and Japanese. Watch Video

“One of Viewstream’s superpowers is elevating products and brands through the power of story. In order to do that successfully, we ask a lot of questions and often challenge the answers to those questions. We strip away the complexities to find the simple truths. We understand the target audience and their challenges. We have a deep understanding of our client’s products and solutions and how those solutions are solving industry problems. We connect the dots for the audience in a way that resonates. We then use stunning visual design and animation that increases retention and leaves lasting impressions.”

Don Sparks 
VP of Accounts


Award Winning B2B Explainer Videos All Have These 6 Things in Common

As a highly awarded video production agency that has written and produced hundreds of B2B videos, here are Viewstream’s six tips to lay the groundwork for a great explainer video script. Read Article


Viewstream Does SEO/SEM

Viewstream launches SEO/SEM, extending Brand to Demand to this critical arena. With Viewstream SEO/SEM you will receive award winning service, strategy and execution from a trusted team. Our clients find that investment in SEO/SEM generates more traffic and, more importantly, measurable ROI from organic search. We don’t just help you to rank higher, we earn SQLs, pipeline, and customers.

Please reach out to Andrew Assalian ( to schedule an introduction call.

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