Today, the number of iPad apps in Apple’s iStore is nearing 100,000 unique offerings. As a result of this growing industry, more and more of our clients want to show off their mobile chops—to illustrate their new app, to give tutorials on software use on the go, or to display their work on mobile devices. In fact, one of our clients recently tasked us with recording a demo of one of their app solutions for iPad.

Shooting an iPad presents a number of issues, including harsh shadows, rough resolution and annoying flickers on the screen. Our in-house production team developed a series of techniques to address these challenges and create a crisp, clean image for the client’s video.

As more and more businesses move their platforms to mobile devices, creating videos to illustrate mobile capabilities will certainly become more prevalent, and mixing the two media will continue to change the way we produce digital marketing material.

VP of Content Production Tom Jagger and Producer William Wroblewski working with our client on set.